Help your team find some Headspace.

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Less stressed. More engaged. Happier. Healthier.

Last year, over 900 partners at companies like yours signed our World Mental Health Day pledge, committing to support mental and emotional well-being at work. We were overjoyed at the response.

Since then, well-being at work has taken on new dimensions, as employees — and employers —  became stretched and challenged in ways we never dreamed.

This year, we followed up with these partners to see what they did, and what they learned. How did their work culture change? What worked best in supporting their people and how do they intend to support them going forward?

The results are for you: to read, to share, and to put into practice. This World Mental Health Day, let’s help one another move forward. Let’s find some Headspace, at work.


Headspace Partners Said...


“One of the most important things, particularly for us in the Army, is having what we call the chain of command’s buy-in—having your manager buy into looking after well-being.” — Nicola Sides, UK Army

James Mackie

“Let’s talk about [mental health]. Let’s normalize the conversation. Let’s break the stigma. The stigma is still a really big thing, so I think anything we can do to improve that and remove some of the taboo about mental health is good. — James Mackie, BP


“Listen to your employees and don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all solution. Be creative in your ideas to meet your employees’ needs and ask them about what is most beneficial to them.” — Adrienne Dever,  BNSF Logistics



Your 2021 Toolkit for Workplace Wellbeing

To help your company thrive in 2022, we created the Find Some Headspace Toolkit for Workplace Wellbeing, a free resource with peer-to-peer tips and insights to help you support your team.



Download the Find Some Headspace Toolkit