Remind your team why stress management, sleep, and self-care are important during challenging times.


Stress & Anxiety

Equip your team to manage any heightened stress during this uncertain time

  • New "Weathering the Storm" Collection: Employees can navigate to the new "Weathering the storm" category in the Explore tab of the app. There, they will find a free collection of guided meditations and exercises specifically designed to help them manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty through mindfulness. 
  • Want a quick stress-relief meditation that your employees can do right from their desktop? Feel free to share this link with them. 

General mindfulness

Help employees build healthy habits into their new routines


Remind your team that getting quality sleep is vital to protecting our immune systems

  • 'Sleep' Digital Poster
    A good night's rest supports our health, helps the immune system, and strengthens our ability to focus.


Help employees to maintain focus outside their standard work environments 

Kids & parenting

Provide helpful tips and resources for those with young ones


Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe offers words of advice for anyone experiencing feelings of loneliness

Other resources