Welcome to the 2020 World Mental Health Day Pledge Toolkit.

Lead the Way:
A Path to Happier, Healthier Teams

There are many ways to ease the mental health burdens of your employees. Here we outline five steps that range from easy DIY actions to larger commitments with a greater investment.

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Racial and Gender Health Disparities
Listening with Dr. Wizdom Powell

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Mindful leadership through times of crisis
With Cassandra Rose, Global Benefits Dir. at Sprinklr 
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Why mental health is a CEO's responsibility

By Eric Johnson,
CEO of 

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Mental health resources

 These trusted mental health resources from around the world can provide you with extra support when you need it. Read more. 


Promotional Toolkit

Headspace research shows 4 in 10 employees don’t even think their company offers mental health benefits. You may very well be doing the right thing already and your team just doesn’t know it. Guide them. Some tips to help us grow this movement here.

For leaders

We’ve pulled together a free collection of mindfulness resources to help you guide and support your team’s mental health.

Join us live:
Showing up for workplace mental health


For US and Canada | Thursday, October 8th  | 9 am PT | 12 pm ET 

Join us for this live event moderated by Punk Rock HR's Laurie Ruettimann, with experts from Headspace, Farmers Insurance, and Box. We'll explore the year’s impact on workplace mental health, and how they’re adapting to better support their people. Register to join us!



For The UK and Europe | Wednesday, October 14th | 10 am BST 

Join us for this live event where panel experts from Headspace, Aviva, and BP share how the importance of workplace mental health is even more obvious in 2020, and what they’re doing to support their people. Register to join us!

The Hidden Links Between Mindfulness And Happier Employees

By Keith Ferrazzi for “If you’re taking care of the wholeness of the person, especially the mind, you’re improving everything that you brought them on board to do.” CeCe Morken, COO at Headspace.

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Compassionate cultures for working parents

Watch our live discussion on how HR teams and leaders can support parents as they navigate their new normal. Hear from Samantha Snowden, a kid and family mindfulness expert, along with a panel of Headspace parents, about how mindfulness plays a role in easier days at home.

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For employees

Meditation with Eve

Let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day as one mindful community. Join us for a Headspace experience led by Eve, our Director of Meditation.

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For the moment

How to Deal with Panic During a Crisis

Panic is a natural reaction to something like a global pandemic. It’s designed to help us survive. When you feel it, instead of acting on it or getting caught up in it, observe the feeling, take a few deep breaths, and let it subside.


How to be at Peace with the Unknown

Coping with uncertainty can be difficult for us all, especially in times like this where our routines and sense of control have been completely upended. Meditation can help teach you how to sit with this feeling.

Ask Andy: Mindfulness and the COVID-19 Crisis

This global health crisis is challenging us in ways we’ve never experienced before. So here’s our latest #AskAndy, looking at this pandemic through the lens of meditation and mindfulness.

For getting started with mindfulness


30 days of mindfulness

Build a habit with daily tips for incorporating some mindfulness into your existing routines.

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Member guide: 10 days of Headspace

This interactive digital guide is the perfect intro to Headspace, meditation, and creating a mental well-being routine.

Download in your preferred language

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For the workday

Focus music and a mini-meditation designed to help you stay focused throughout your day


Zone in on what matters most with a special selection of Focus music.

Find John's playlist on our Focus tab. 


When home doubles as the office, a streamlined space is key to getting in the zone. Here are some practical tips that can cut clutter, create consistency, and help you feel present in your day.

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For the mind and body

Tips for eating mindfully and a motivation-boosting workout with Olympian Kim Glass.

For sleep

A visualization and gentle soundtrack that help create the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep.

For caregivers and children

Expert advice for parents and caregivers during these high-stress times.


Guide: Working (and parenting) from home

Managing new home routines with kids is a challenging adjustment. When times get tough, restless, or a little bit boring, try these recommended mindful exercises and games for kids.

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