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What is Behavioral Health Coaching?

For many, “mental healthcare” typically brings to mind traditional therapy or psychiatry sessions. But, behavioral health coaches can play a crucial role in the first line of support for an individual’s mental health. 

At Headspace Health, text-based behavioral health coaches offer in-the-moment support and skill-building strategies to help members make positive life changes. When more support is needed, coaches can work with therapists and psychiatrists to ensure each member gets the right level of care. Our coaches provide members personalized, quality care to guide them along their care journey towards their goals.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Behavioral health coaching as a care modality and how it differs from therapy and psychiatry
  • How Headspace Health’s integrated system of care helps members get the most appropriate care and support for their needs
  • How Headspace Health's comprehensive care model drives outcomes improvements for members