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Supporting Employees Through Substance Use Disorder

In today’s workplace, there are many people who are suffering from substance use disorder (SUD), but are not getting the proper support they need. Without access to prevention strategies or treatment, employees with SUD may have difficulty showing up to work each day, maintaining positive relationships, and staying healthy. What can companies do to support employees with SUD? 

In this guide, you’ll learn about how companies can better support employees dealing with substance use issues.



Helping employees with substance use disorder access effective and approachable care

To promote a healthier, more positive workplace, companies should prioritize improving access to mental healthcare – including prevention and treatment for SUD – for their employees. By allowing a de-stigmatized, evidence-based entryway into care, employers can help their employees with SUD find the appropriate care and resources they need.


In this guide, we share how companies can provide mental healthcare benefits that:

  • Protect the privacy of employees dealing with SUD
  • Utilize a clinically-validated approach to providing care
  • Adopt a low barrier approach to care
  • Reduce stigma around substance use
  • Provide easy access to varied levels of care and resources