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Workforce State of Mind: 2024 mental health insights & trends

Work-related stress is pervasive, with 47% of employees and 66% of CEOs attributing most or all of their stress to work. This stress extends beyond the office, as well. In fact, many employees report that work stress has negatively impacted their physical health and weight, their ability to care for their family or children’s mental health and has even caused personal relationships to end. Given these findings, it's crucial for companies to reassess their strategies for supporting mental health.

Join industry leaders as they explore workplace mental health trends through Headspace’s sixth annual Workforce State of Mind Report, aiming to empower employers to foster optimism and transparency while building a mentally resilient workforce.

In this webinar, our experts will:

  • Share new data on the state of workplace mental health from our survey of thousands of employees, CEOs and HR leaders
  • Analyze key trends affecting today’s workforce and its leaders, offering actionable strategies for improving work cultures and employee mental health
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Meet our experts
Ellipse35199 KARAN SINGH COO & Chief People Officer, Headspace
Ellipse35199 DR. JENNA GLOVER Chief Clinical Officer, Headspace
Ellipse35199 PETER RUTIGLIANO, Ph.D. Partner, THM Behavioral Health Practice Leader, Mercer