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How Whole Person Care Improves Mental Health Outcomes and Lowers Costs


What does it look like when we stop thinking about “mental health” as something separate from "physical health," and we care for our overall well-being? When employers approach benefits through a lens of whole person care, they can more effectively improve clinical and financial outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and empower each individual to live their happiest and healthiest life.
In this panel, experts from Proactive Care Partners, Exos, and Headspace discuss the importance of treating mental health through the strategic approach of whole person care, and the positive impacts this approach can have on employees, employers, and health plans.

Leaders discussed:

  • The definition of whole person care
  • The foundational role of mental health in whole person care
  • How whole person care improves health outcomes and can reduce costs for employers and health plans
  • How benefits buyers can identify solutions that address whole person health and measure their impact
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Meet our experts
Ellipse35199 Warren (Ren) Brown, M.D. Founder/CEO, Proactive Care Partners
Ellipse35199 Tristan Pierce VP of Performance Design, Exos
Ellipse35199 Jenna Glover, Ph.D. Chief Clinical Officer, Headspace
Ellipse35199 Jeff Greene VP, Health Plans, Headspace