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Designing an inclusive mental health strategy

Ever wondered how organizations can craft a mental health offering that truly connects with each employee? Today’s workforce is facing a variety of mental health challenges both within and outside the workplace. Faced with a growing demand for mental health support from employees worldwide and across all walks of life, employers must equip themselves with the resources to support each employee in a way that meets their unique needs. Designing mental health strategy for inclusivity means understanding your population and creating an environment that reduces stigma and encourages taking the time for mental well-being.

In this webinar, our experts share:

  • Ways to identify mental health solutions that offer inclusive support
  • Steps organizations can take to address the gaps in existing strategies
  • How to measure the effectiveness of DEIB-centered approaches to mental health at work
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Meet our experts
Ellipse35199 WIZDOM POWELL, PhD, MPH Chief Purpose Officer, Headspace
Ellipse35199 AMY LINSIN, MBA, MA EVP, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, Prisma Health