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An EAP delivering mental health with a human touch

For today’s workforce, many traditional workplace mental health offerings fall short. With employees struggling to access care and facing long wait times, employers see low utilization in mental health benefits, resulting in lower productivity and poorer health outcomes. Employees need a human approach to mental health that meets them where they are and provides the right support at the right time.

In this webinar, our Headspace experts:

  • Process challenges with traditional EAPs and other mental health benefits.
  • Demonstrate how Headspace infuses a human touch into EAP with personalized care to improve engagement and outcomes.
  • Share how Headspace EAP meets employer needs and fosters engagement while cultivating a supportive workplace culture.
  • Walk you through a demo of our human-centric EAP.
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Meet our experts
Ellipse35199 DAVID WRIGHT Sales Solution Architect, Headspace
Ellipse35199 CAL THOMPSON VP, Product Design and Research, Headspace