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Making mental health a part of your company's goal-setting framework

During times of economic uncertainty, organizations tend to focus on cutting costs and doing more with less. But in order to weather these seasons, employers must also foster a healthy work environment that prevents burnout, nurtures psychological safety, and empowers people to operate at their best. 

In this webinar, conducted in partnership with SHRM, we’ll examine a key strategy for ensuring employee well-being is prioritized alongside business performance: incorporating mental health into your planning and goal-setting processes. Whether your teams use OKRs or another framework, you’ll see how to weave employee well-being into organizational goals — and understand just how valuable this integration can be for ensuring the health of your business and your people.

Our experts discussed:

  • The growing connection between employee well-being and workplace success
  • How their teams have integrated mental health into their OKRs — and what outcomes they have seen as a result
  • Actionable tips to help leaders prioritize employee well-being and make mental health a driving force in achieving their organizational goals
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Meet our experts
Ellipse35199 JANETTE MUÑOZ Director of Talent Development, Headspace
Ellipse35199 ANDREW COYLE Vice President, Program Management Office, Headspace