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Organizations today are struggling to retain staff and acquire talent.

You don’t need to let this be an external trend that happens to you: take control by introducing a mindful culture which develops a happier and healthier workforce. Our science- based program will show you how.

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Healthy company culture doesn’t just happen – it’s made

Headspace’s International Advisory Board are world-leading experts in encouraging workplace mental health, so we asked them for a few words on what mindfulness is and why we need it.

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of businesses are struggling with hiring or retaining talent

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of employees don’t feel involved in or enthusiastic about their work

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more workforce positivity can be measured after ten days of Headspace

85% of organizations introducing mindfulness programs see improvements in their employees’ and teams’ attitude to work

– Headspace/Forrester research


Dive into a wealth of insights on mindful cultures, including blogs and podcasts featuring special guests.

We speak to Mariangel Maldonado about what a healthy workplace looks like and how mindfulness can help create it.

We speak to Ute Hülsheger about the barriers that organizations face in openly discussing mental health.

We speak to Patrick Watt about how he puts mindfulness into practice for the whole workforce at Bupa.

We speak to Mary Spillane about the impacts of hybrid working and how we can respond to them.

Learn how to identify what success really looks like in the modern workplace.

Learn how building a mindful culture is becoming essential to business resilience.

Create a workplace where employees feel safe, comfortable and supported.