Investing in Workplace Mental Health: A Buyer’s Guide

For benefits buyers, mental healthcare is no longer a perk, it’s a must-have. Organizations are incorporating mental health offerings into their benefit packages because they see how addressing and improving employee mental health is crucial to creating stronger teams, cultivating a more supportive culture, and improving business outcomes on a larger, collective scale.




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This guide shares what buyers should look for when choosing an end-to-end mental health solution, including:

  • A personalized care approach that uses multiple modalities
  • Quick access to quality care 
  • Measurement-based care that delivers outcomes 
  • A collaborative and supportive vendor-client relationship

With the abundance of mental healthcare options on the market, benefits buyers are looking more closely at the overall value delivered. Today, a mental healthcare offering, virtual or otherwise, should meet the needs of all employees and have the capability to demonstrate high engagement, improved health outcomes, and a clear return on investment for the company and the individual.