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Building resilience, retention, and ROI
in shrinking economies
Research indicates that employers spend an average of more than $15,000 annually on each employee experiencing mental health issues. When employers are facing uncertain economic times and budget cuts, implementing a proven, cost-effective mental health program is critical.
Learn how employers can provide the right level of care at a fraction of the cost while benefiting from increased engagement and productivity, less absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, and improved retention.



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of global productivity is lost
annually due to anxiety and
depression disorders



of Headspace users
show improvement in
depression symptoms



of Headspace users
show improvement in
anxiety symptoms



average increase in
focus after 1 session of



less stress on average
within 30 days of using

Read the Whitepaper: The Value of Investing in Mental Health and Mindfulness


How can employers spot symptoms of stress, burnout and poor mental health? Why do organizations need to prioritize mental health to deliver business results? What’s the real-world cost impact of providing mental health resources?


Find out implementing a comprehensive mental health and mindfulness program like Headspace can drive tangible value, including savings of up to $302k per 100 engaged employees compared to the traditional model.

Aetna gained 62 minutes of productivity on average a week per employee after using Headspace – worth $3,000 per employee each year. - The Value of Investing in Mental health and Mindfulness