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Supporting the Whole Family: A Guide to Improving Employee Mental Health

The way employees show up at work is strongly interconnected with their life outside of work, impacted by the relationships they have with those around them. With a mental health crisis that is disproportionately impacting teens and children, parents are working to manage their own mental health while ensuring the mental well-being of the family members they love. 

Given the unique challenges facing family units when it comes to mental health today, how can employers rise to the challenge to make sure employees have the tools to support themselves and their loved ones?

In this report, we discuss what it takes for an employee to both show up fully at work and care for their own mental health and the mental health of their family. Learn more about:

  • How the mental health crisis is impacting caregivers, teens, and children
  • How Headspace offers a single solution that collaboratively wraps around family units to provide impactful mental health support and tools
  • Actionable ways to support employee caregivers and their families