How to Support Benefits Leaders During Open Enrollment

HR leaders are natural people leaders who work to ensure that the employees in their company have access to the benefits they need to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives. However, in recent years, HR leaders have faced an enormous amount of pressure due to shifting workplace environments, rolling layoffs, budget cuts, and more. 

In this paper, you’ll learn tips on how to best support your benefits leaders during the busy open enrollment season.


Key steps companies can take to support their benefits leaders during their busiest season

As companies gear up for the open enrollment period, they should make a concerted effort to recognize the vital role HR leaders play in engaging employees, evaluating the individual and collective needs within their workforce, and ensuring employee satisfaction with the benefits plans that are offered.


Download the paper to learn:

  • Ways to promote flexibility and a healthy work-life balance for HR leaders and their teams
  • Strategies to encourage deeper collaboration between benefits teams and employees
  • Regular check-ins to ensure HR leaders have a sustainable workload and are not overstretched
  • Open conversations about mental health with HR leaders and their teams