Workforce State of Mind

In our 6th annual workplace mental health report, we surveyed employees, CEOs, and HR leaders to assess the latest trends in mental health at work.



of employees

Say that work stress has negatively impacted their physical health


of HR leaders

Say managers are required to take mental health-specific training


of employees

Say work has made a positive impact by helping them find a community of people with similar backgrounds and lived experiences

About the report

In our 2024 Workforce State of Mind Report, we surveyed more than 2,000 employees, business leaders, and benefits leaders to assess the latest trends in workplace mental health. The results showed how work stress is seeping into the personal lives of employees and how their relationships – with co-workers, managers, and leaders – play a significant role in their mental and emotional well-being. To improve employee mental health, employers should consider investing in resources that foster a positive work environment and build the mental resilience of their workforce.

In our 2024 report, we explore:


  • How companies can encourage their employees to set healthy boundaries between their work life and personal life
  • The benefits of fostering a sense of community among employees and creating opportunities for mentorship and connection
  • The importance of equipping managers with the training and resources to support their team’s mental health
  • What employers can do to build employee trust and lead with transparency



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